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KIFA is translated as Rock.
A good foundation is the basis of construction. This is true for any business, especially for the business of a construction company. KIFA construction and trading company

CTC KIFA ltd. was founded in 2004. In 2006 KIFA opened its first affiliate in St. Petersburg; in 2007 the other two affiliates appeared: affiliate CTC KIFA ltd. in Kazan and affiliate CTC KIFA ltd. in Novosibirsk.

The company specializes in building and repairing apartments, villas, industrial and public rooms, turnkey offices; it also works as prime contractor. The firm does a complex of services: from design development and to its practical realization.

Construction and trading company KIFA applies modern technologies that are consistent with Russian standards.

The foundation stone of our companyis well-qualified construction brigades with years long experience in construction. Personnel selection has been the main priority since the very beginning of the company. This approach has proven to be right as we have shown to be a company that meets deadlines and commitments in full.

We are constantly in the process of developing; after reaching the intended targets we set and accomplish new and more complicated goals as we realize our responsibility before customers. After all, your efficiency, well-being and health depend on the house you live in and the office you work in.

Our bank details

Legal address: 33, build 15, Vaneeva str., Nizhny

Novgorod, 603105, Russia
TIN 5262133374 KPP 526201001
Nizhny Novgorod bank department #7
C/A 30101810900000000603 BIC 042202603
transaction account 40702810542050005219
Volgo-Vyatsky Bank of SberBank of the Russian

General Director
CTC KIFA ltd.Kovrigin Vasiliy Ivanovich

For everyone who is building the future

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05   06'2008
The presentation

Presentation to building company "KIFA" possible look here

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01   02'2008
IKEA Krasnodar

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09   12'2007
Corporative New year' party.

On the 21st of December 2007 the staff of the CTC KIFA is celebrating a Corporative New year' party in Novinki.

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(831) 416-33-78

Marketing department:
(8312) 28-17-43

603146,N.Novgorod, Savrasova st.,32

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