The construction company KIFA operates successfully on the market of Nizhny Novgorod by offering a single package of construction services and best materials that allow accomplishing the whole list of construction and finishing works.
The principles of our work:

  • Fast
    Every customer always plans to return his/her committed finances in a certain period of time. One of the main tasks for our foremen and engineers is not to waste our customers time. We value your time.
  • High quality
    At every stage of construction even till the completion of finishing works CTC KIFA specialists monitor the quality and observe technology-specific rules. We issue a one-year warranty minimum on materials and works.
  • Safety
  • Individual approach to every customer
  • Tried and reliable business partners
  • Only best specialists engagement
  • Customer-oriented optimal technologies
  • Suitable financial decisions
  • Free counsel

Your tasks are managed by

  • Certified engineers, well-qualified foremen, builders, finishers, electricians, assemblers, experienced service brigade.
  • Smoothly operating office workers

Over this period of time the construction company KIFA has learned to remain stable regardless a financial situation and to overcome market downturns with confidence.

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05   06'2008
The presentation

Presentation to building company "KIFA" possible look here

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01   02'2008
IKEA Krasnodar

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09   12'2007
Corporative New year' party.

On the 21st of December 2007 the staff of the CTC KIFA is celebrating a Corporative New year' party in Novinki.

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Marketing department:
(8312) 28-17-43

603146,N.Novgorod, Savrasova st.,32

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