The Order of Interaction with a Client

The Order of Interaction with a Client

1. Receiving requirements specification from a customer.

2. Determining the characteristic of the building (site) and target setting for preliminary estimate of the engineering systems. At this stage its possible to identify the upper bound of the cost of the systems.

3. Making preliminary estimate of all the types of work and equipment (to 10%). For identifying the estimate floor plans are needed.

4. Making the project statement. Submitting it to the customers approval. Confirmation of the project statement by the customer.

5. Arrival of a specialist upon the object, filling in the questionnaires. On condition that the building is in developmental stage all the design elaboration is given by the architect.

6. The project development.

7. Rendering the project, including amendments, alterations and adapting and co-ordinations.

8. Alteration of the existent project.

9. Design approval and acceptance of the project by the customer.

10. Drawing up a contract on acquisition of the building materials, equipment and installation work by the customer.

11. Payment of the equipment and installation work. (There are 4 variants of the payment)

12. The second arrival of a specialist upon the object for acknowledgement of readiness for building.

13. Moving-in of materials and equipment to the object, as a rule it being done in a few stages fixed beforehand.

14. Assembling of engineering systems. According to an individual agreement, the assembling is done in a few stages, taking into account the readiness for building.

15. Alterations and amendments of the project made during the process of assembling are to be approved by both the parties concerned (the customer and the projector). Only after that continuation of the assembling is possible.

16. Completion of the assembling, examination.

17. Delivery of the object to the customer.

18. Signing acceptance certificates: handing-over of the works and payment of the residual cost of the works in accordance with terms of the contract.

The given scheme is actual for draft designs.

If necessary its admissible to cancel and arrange the project according to requirements of Construction Regulation Standards Building Code and working rules.

Its possible to implement any part of the given scheme.

A guarantee (one-year and more) on all the works done is provided.

With a view to provision of high-class complex service company KIFA reserves to itself the right to engage specialists from other construction companies-partners for rendering of repair and construction services, supply and assembling of special equipment.

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05   06'2008
The presentation

Presentation to building company "KIFA" possible look here

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01   02'2008
IKEA Krasnodar

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09   12'2007
Corporative New year' party.

On the 21st of December 2007 the staff of the CTC KIFA is celebrating a Corporative New year' party in Novinki.

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